Welcome to fictitious Cimarron County, Colorado.

Nestled between the Sawatch Range and the Rampart this traditional ranching community is remote enough to not attract many tourists.  The winding, mountain access roads hold no hope for a thriving a ski resort. In the middle of Cimarron County is the county seat. Downtown Cold Springs consists of seven blocks of businesses including the four blocks boxing in the courthouse. Across from the front of the courthouse is the Wagon Wheel (one of four town bars), a hardware store, part-time law office, variety store and small grocery.

On the west side of the street you can get breakfast and lunch at Al’s Café six days a week while waiting for the western store next door to open.  Al was buried years ago by his daughter Louise who now runs the café.  She refuses to change the name above the door even though the ‘A’ and ‘e’ are missing. When Al died in his sleep at a ripe old age, the family took him next door to Edward G. Boxwell’s Mortuary and Monuments.

The Catholic Church and Methodist Church are behind the courthouse on opposite corners with the drugstore, liquor store, Sid’s Bar and Pool Hall and post office sandwiched in between. It is a short walk after Mass for Father Pitkins and the Advisory Council to convene at the Wagon Wheel for their monthly meeting.  The Methodist Church basement is used for the social event of the month, the Potluck Dinner.

Several years ago the town moved the city limits signs out to include the veterinary clinic, feed store and the lumberyard on one north end of the old highway and the new Mountain View Rural Medical Clinic and Hospital on the south.