Fifty-two-year old Sheriff Hobson (in all the books) lacked an inch of being six feet tall.  He has a stout build, blue/green eyes and brown hair with hints of grey on both temples caused mostly by being sheriff of Cimarron County for the last eighteen years.  His uniform of choice is Wrangler’s with a long sleeved shirt with the sleeves rolled half-way to the elbow and Lucchese boots.  When he has to show up in court, he has a nice western suit that still fits. In the summer a straw western hat topped this outfit but in winter he preferred a tan Stetson.  He was born and raised in Cimarron County and was only away long enough for eight years in the Marines and a prolonged stay at the University of Colorado deciding if he wanted a law degree. Most of the time he has a logical, easy-going manner but when duty calls he becomes an aggressive, tenacious lawman.