To the Bone byJeff Carson

*****(five stars

The book takes place in NW Colorado close to Dinosaur National Park.  Local Detective, David Wolf has the murder of a bones dealer he has to solve, but as time goes on he finds that is not the only murder involved in this clandestine sale.  Good book, little bit of personal stuff but not enough to take away from the mystery plot.

November’s Past by A. E. Howe

A Florida criminal investigator is assigned to find out who a mutilated stranger is and why he was murdered.  The investigation is hindered by an arson investigator how thinks the Sheriff’s son (the murder investigator) doesn’t know what he is doing.  But, In spite of the Sheriff and the arson guy he solves the crime.  Some interesting twists and turns.

Murder at Merisham Lodge by Celina Grace

****  (four stars)

This is a historical mystery. In an old mansion in Derbyshire with Lord and Lady Cartwright a scullery cook and ladies maid try to solve the death of the Lady Eveline.  It has some interesting twists and turns and reminds everyone that servants can be almost invisible. (No not a ghost story.)

The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart

The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart by Glenn Taylor

***** (five)

It was a long story and I usually only read mysteries, but I was intrigued by the title.  You have to like this time period and the area to appreciate the story.

Taggart was born in the early 1900’s and raised in cola mining country of SW Virginia by a strong, mountain Widow women. His gum disease hinders him in many areas. In his youth he finds his talent in being a sharp shooter.  Dealing with right and wrong, he is forced into years of seclusion in the mountains. He becomes a reader and a writer.  It is an interesting story of his evolution.

Cold River Rising

Book review:


Cold River Rising by Enes Smith            Amazon

            **** (four stars)

An Oregon Native American tribe declares war on Peru when some of their college students get lost and killed in that country.  The tribe leader does an interesting balancing act to rescue the students.  I would have given it five stars but one of the main characters is a whinny girl who thinks the world revolves around her.  I don’t think this was the author’s intention but it was how I saw it.