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by  Sara Caudell

Come meet the residents of Cold Springs and Cimarron County and learn about the town.

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Warning: These are not ‘formula’ mysteries. They do not have explicit sex, they have minimal blood and gore. They do have a cuss word here and there for emphasis. The books don't have recipes and they don't tell you how to knit. They are just a mystery and I hope you enjoy them.


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I read a lot of good books and I would like to share them with you.  The books I like most are the type of books I write, a loose definition of 'cozy'.  I will only give three, four and five stars.  Anything less I probably didn't make it through the book or didn't like it. You can find theses reviews by clicking on the upper right hand corner and they will appear under 'updates'.

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This was originally published as Cold Springs Sanctuary

No good deed goes unpunished.         

         In a remote Colorado ranching community, a horse trainer and a rancher provide women with sanctuary. All is well -- until the center for abused women headquartered in Texas is burglarized and a powerful legislator starts looking for his wayward daughter. But this is only the beginning of the problems.

5 Stars Review on Amazon

By Margaret I. Park on November 10, 2015

I enjoyed this book. The characters were worthy of more books about every person. Basically, the book was about an underground version of women being saved from abuse. The people working in the book to save women from abuse and the abused women were worthy of a new book.
It started with a robbery of a computer with info about the underground escape. Characters were introduced as the story went on and they all had a back story which could be developed as a separate book. Wonderful read and I want to more about the history in all of the characters.
I was provided with a complimentary copy of this book so I could give an honest review.

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TD w QS psd.jpg

Was originally titled: Death by Defects.

The armed robbery of Kelly's Lounge outside of Cold Springs, Colorado escalates into unforeseeable problems for Sheriff Jim Hobson and the town residents.  Review: The Cold spring Mysteries keep getting better and better.  In this book it showed how one small event (maybe not so small) leads to many.

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       Tucked away in the picturesque foothills of Colorado, Susie Wheeler’s peaceful widowhood of gentling and training abused horses is shattered by bullet holes in her barn and dead horses. She is confused by the violence to her peaceful life, but will not be intimidated. Susie infuriates meddling relatives and challenges those who would call her abused horses dangerous. Then with the help of her friends and the Cimarron County Sheriff, they take on horse thieves and mysterious strangers.

Was the shooter after Susie or the horses?

 What is so important about a certain mare?   

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Returning home to the small ranching community she grew up in after her father’s stroke, Cary learns how ten years has changed her, her hometown, and her old friends.  These revelations are spiked with dead cattle, mustangs and guns.

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